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by Brad & Keesha Sharp

Brad & Keesha Sharp

Fishers of Health TM was started by Brad & Keesha Sharp to provide a resource to all of the successful health solutions they have found on their journey. Not only have they found healing and vitality, but they have learned the incredible importance of a healthy lifestyle to the whole life of an individual.
What does the name “Fishers of Health” mean?
We were trying to think of a name that described our continual search for better health in ourselves and in our environment the way God had intended. 

We remembered when Jesus told his disciples to leave their life as fishermen and become “fishers of men”. That is exactly what we feel called to do. Leave our ways of making poor food choices, clinging to emotional toxins, being under educated on the human body, staying complacent in our lives. No more. 

We will now be “Fishers of Health” and seek the best. As they say,  “give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime”. 
Our goal is to give you the resources in order to use the knowledge for a lifetime of health. God Bless You on your journey!



Known for her TV roles as Monica
on Girlfriends and Gigi on Are We There Yet, Keesha is one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood. Other TV and film credits include Everybody Hates Chris, Why Did I Get Married?, Cold Case, Detroit 187Tracy Morgan Show, Malibu’s Most Wanted and Never Die Alone. With a B.F.A in Musical Theatre from Boston Conservatory, this talented woman is also a very experienced stage performer with notable Broadway and Off Broadway credits such as Carousel and Living in the Wind.

My name is Keesha Sharp and I’m a “health nut!” Yes, its true. Whether I’m on set, on the red carpet or just walking down the street, people are well aware of how I feel (“Uh Oh! Here She comes!”) I’m crazy about spreading the word of health to whoever will listen because it is that important - and my purpose.

I love what I do as an entertainer. But I’ve realized that I do what I do to make a difference in the world. Although it may not be a common platform for an entertainer, God has called me to be an ambassador for healthy living. So, I’ve started the journey :)

I have battled hormone/thyroid problems for quite some time now. I can honestly say that my journey of healing has been nothing short of miraculous and eye-opening. I FIRMLY believe in healing foods, healing prayer and natural preventative care. In the US and there is a lack of mainstream coverage about healthy cures. You know that old adage “You are what you eat”. I take it further by saying you are what you think, you are what you breathe and you are what you do to others.

We have talked about sharing this info for a few years now. So excited we finally get to get it going :) God Bless You!




Brad is an experienced entertainer who has performed in Broadway shows (Miss Saigon, Full Monty), prestigious events (Oscars, Emmys, Pirates of the Caribbean premieres, Linda Eder), TV (Young & The Restless, 87th & Broadway) and as a songwriter (Old Man, American in China film). His music is available on iTunes

I have learned so much about health in the last 8 years. I only wish I had learned earlier in life. but the great thing is it is NEVER too late to start!

You are looking at someone who grew up relishing sugary cereals, canned foods and not working out. By my 20s I would drink almost 2 liters (yes) of soda a day. I had a high metabolism so I got a way with it on the outside without gaining much weight. But inside it was a different story.  After waking up one morning feeling what I can best describe as “toxic”, my wife encouraged me to get a colonic (hydrotherapy). While there the doctor told me there were more toxins coming out of me than anyone he had seen before.

Keep in mind in this was Los Angeles, some of the most polluted air in the US. I have never done drugs. Rarely drank alcohol. Didn’t work with hazardous chemicals. It was ALL from food and environment. Although I have learned so much since then, it was the first major wake up call for my health.

The next great “click” that happened was reading Jordan Rubin’s book “The Maker’s Diet”. Being a Christian and a believer in our incredible bodies, Jordan really touched me with this book.

I sincerely hope you take what we have learned and continue your own journey. God bless you on your quest!




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“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit” - 3 John 1:2 NLT
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