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You can eat healthy AND enjoy your food. 

Yes it is possible!! You will need to detox your body in order to truly enjoy the taste of food but you can do it, just one step at a time:)

When you think of food do you think of fueling your body and healing your body?  The foods we eat either affect us negatively or positively but never not at all. Yes, that means everything we put in our mouths help us or helps to destroy us. As a society we were never taught that concept. We don’t think about the damage food can do to our bodies. Its almost like when we throw trash away we forget about the dump sites that still to this day hold all those toxins and is now helping to destroy the planet. When we eat its as if we put food in our mouths and thats it, no consequences. The problem may not show up right away, although I would venture to believe the body did give symptoms but they weren't perceived as such, or we do recognize the symptoms and we take some over the counter medicine or prescription drug to relieve the symptom and as you know that just a downward spiral effect. 

More than not if we eat the right foods we can stay healthy, of course we need to take care of our emotions as well:) What I want you to know is that it is possible to change your life. You just have to make up your mind and give yourself time. Don't try to do too much too soon, unless of course you work that way. REAL food is a gift for us to enjoy and heal ourselves.  


5 FOOD Changes
to make NOW

STEVIA instead of SUGAR - Stevia is not only a  zero calorie sweetener. It is 100% natural! It is a plant extract that for centuries has medicinal properties as well. 
3 HOUR RULE - Do not eat anything 3 hours before going to bed. Not only will it help stop heartburna dn indigestion, it allows your body to properly rest.
ORGANIC when you can - Expensive but VERY important. Start with all meats, and soft skinned fruits/vegatables (blueberries, tomatoes, etc) 
ROTTING IS GOOD - Any food you have in your house should “rot” (not when you eat it!). If anything you have doesn’t go bad, then it probably is filled with preservatives, additives and non-food material.
WATER BEFORE MEAL NOT DURING - Drinking liquids during a meal can cause gas an dbloating. The best scenario is to drink water a half hour before eating solids

Thankfully, this word is becoming more and more known. But do you really understand it? Click HERE to learn about “Organic”.

Basically, it means the food has not been genetically modified, grown with pesticides or harsh chemicals. The way I like to think of it is the way God intended it. Cows were meant to eat grass not corn feed. Tomatoes were not meant to be sprayed on their thin absorbant skin with dangerous chemical pesticides. 

Organic is the simplest and most important food change you can make right now.


It is becoming more popular to talk about Probiotics. Even popular Yogurt brands are bragging about the amount of bacteria. You may have heard of Acidophilus, one of the most common strains. But the reasons to fill your foods with them is more important thatn ever. In your gut, there are good and bad bacteria. But now that we pasteurize and sterilize everything, we kill all the beneficial bacteria and don’t have enough left to fight the bad when we need. After all, our gut is our Second BRAIN. (It’s true, read HERE ) So load up on more probiotics to help them fight the battle in your gut.
Primal Defense by Garden of Life
Cultured vegetables (such as saurkraut and kim chi)
Raw honey, particularly Manuka 16+


 TOMATOES (Brad) - I could eat them all day. Not only are they rich in Vitamin C & E but they help reduce the risks of heart disease and are high in antioxidants. Plus they just taste good with everything!
   AVOCADOS (Keesha) - I love this! Especially with lemon juice and Herbamare! RIch in healthy fat (Omega 3 oils) 
 POPCORN (Both) - We love popcorn freshly popped in Cocnut Oil. Not only does it taste delicious, it is an extraordinarily healthy snack! Coconut Oil is filled with antioxidants and healthy fat
 ZEVIA SODA (Brad) - For someone who used to be addicted to sugary sodas this is perfect. Made from the natural plant Stevia, these sodas are delicious, calorie free and most importantly contain no harsh sweeteners or chemicals
  SWEET LEAF LIQUID STEVIA (Keesha) - I love this stuff! I can’t have Tea without it. Especially “Vanilla Creme”

The Latest

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Must See! It shows us how the farms of old are now being run by huge companies who treat our food as anything but good. They find ways to save money at the cost of our health.
“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit” - 3 John 1:2 NLT
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