Welcome to “Fishers of Health” by Brad and Keesha Sharp

Fishers of Health (tm) by Brad & Keesha Sharp

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No information on this site is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The owners of Fishers of HealthTM and this site are not licensed medical practitioners. This site offers links to other resources and is based upon their own opinion and experience and should not be considered medical advice.

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by Brad & Keesha Sharp

Fishers of Health TM 
was started by Brad & Keesha Sharp to provide a resource to all of the successful health solutions they have found on their journey. Not only have they found healing and vitality, but they have learned the incredible importance of a healthy lifestyle to the whole life of an individual.

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5 Things to do NOW

Drink Water - Our bodies are 75% water. Instead of reaching for that soda or juice, drink water instead
Reduce Stress - Stress kills. Sometimes suddenly (cardiac arrest/breakdown). Other times it slowly builds tension and blocks proper healing (Immune problems)
Organic when you can - Expensive but VERY important. Start with all meats, and soft skinned fruits/vegatables (blueberries, tomatoes, etc) 
Take D3 with Calcium - Quickest solution for your body to heal itself daily
Release “Deadly Emotions” - Tell those you love, you love them. Forgive trespasses. Let go of grudges. It will heal YOU
OUR MUST READS (visit Products page)
“Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin
“5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman
“Living Green” by Greg Horn
4. “The Healing Code” by A.Loyd with B. Johnson
5. “The Hormone Solution” by Thierry Hertoghe
“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit” - 3 John 1:2 NLT
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Welcome to Fishers of Health.

Our bodies are incredible machines. The Earth is an amazing bounty of creation. We believe we should use the Earth’s resources (including great minded people!) to allow our bodies to work on their own to heal whenever possible.

This site has many resources and links to some of our favorite educational links. Keep in mind that although we are not (yet!) licensed medical practitioners, these are things either we or people close to us have found true and beneficial. Of course you should always consult your doctor or medical practitioner. But we encourage all of you to get AS MUCH information as possible so you are educated and prepared for the best health God intended for all of us!

The site is split into 6 Categories each with Sub Categories:

  1. FOOD - What we eat has the biggest impact on our overall health

  2. BODY - From skin care to excercise, learn the best for your body

  3. ENVIRONMENT - Even with the best food and care, the health of our environment can cause great harm to us

  4. SPIRIT - Strong mind brings strong body

  5. MEDICINE - Exploring Earth’s natural remedies as well as conventional medicine

  6. RELATIONSHIPS - From your mate to your friends, the relationships in your life impact your well being

Be sure to check out all of the other tabs - especially Links and Products

Feel free to ask us questions via our Twitter @fishersofhealth or Email

Start your journey to new health today!