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What does Organic mean?

Well there are two meanings.
1) Foods that are produced naturally.

2) This definition is the legal one. One that has to make a distinction because of
the way we produce "food" today. So organic food is food from plants and animals that is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, artificial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, feed additives or genetically modified organisms (GMO's)

In order to be Certified Organic definition 2 must be adhered too.

*Natural does not constitute as organic. It just means its been minimally processed.

Today it is becoming increasingly difficult to live an organic lifestyle. We are literally being bombarded with toxins in what we eat, what we drink and in what we breathe.  There are so many serious health dangers all around us that it is hard to name them all.  Aspartame, fluoride, genetically-modified food, pesticides high fructose corn syrup, pharmaceutical drugs and toxic vaccines are just a few of the major health dangers that comfort us each day that most of us don't even know about. As we absorb increasingly, higher levels of toxic substances each year diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes are absolutely exploding. The truth is that what we don't know about what is on our grocery store shelves can hurt us.
Why eat organic?

To put is simply, organic foods are void of chemicals that cause harm to our bodies. Yes, the question that many of us ask ourselves is, "Why are we so sick?" I would, among leading health experts, venture to say and science has proven that the processed, chemical foods we eat cause our bodies harm in the form of disease.

Our bodies are incredibly designed. Each organs there to do its part in keeping us balanced and healthy. When we taxed it with toxins from the foods we eat it can't keep up with its purpose. Eventually our bodies start to break down, and when our bodies break down it can't protect us anymore. This is when imbalance occurs, and imbalance is the breeding ground for disease. 

"So eating organic will prevent me from getting sick?" 

No that can't be said. But what can be said and has been proven is eating toxic filled foods can and does cause sickness. 


5 FOOD Changes
to make NOW

STEVIA instead of SUGAR - Stevia is not only a  zero calorie sweetener. It is 100% natural! It is a plant extract that for centuries has medicinal properties as well. 
3 HOUR RULE - Do not eat anything 3 hours before going to bed. Not only will it help stop heartburn and indigestion, it allows your body to properly rest.
ORGANIC when you can - Expensive but VERY important. Start with all meats, and soft skinned fruits/vegetables (blueberries, tomatoes, etc) 
ROTTING IS GOOD - Any food you have in your house should “rot” (not when you eat it!). If anything you have doesn’t go bad, then it probably is filled with preservatives, additives and non-food material.
WATER BEFORE MEAL NOT DURING - Drinking liquids during a meal can cause gas and bloating. The best scenario is to drink water a half hour before eating solids


Many people complain about the cost of eating organic. And I don't blame you. It bothers me that eating healthy cost so much in the now. I would like to challenge you to think about your future. Eating foods that are not organic will damage your beautiful bodies, which will cost you more in the long run.  

Question: Would you rather pay for healthier food now or costly medications/care later in life?

Still realistically what can you do to start your road to recovery? Here is a list of foods you should never buy unless its organic because of the amount of toxins that they acquire. They are considered "The New Dirty Dozen."

Sweet Bell Peppers

Foods than can be eaten non-organic if you can not afford all organic are:


Must See! It shows us how the farms of old are now being run by huge companies who treat our food as anything but good. They find ways to save money at the cost of our health.

Trust us when we say this is a MUST SEE!
“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit” - 3 John 1:2 NLT
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