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Food, glorious food. Oh how we all need it and love it. But as you’ve heard it said before, we can “eat to live or live to eat”.  More and more, food is becoming less “food” and more “product”. Unfortunately, when you make the decision to be healthy it may be harder to find healthy food. 

But that’s a good thing in a way. Because you will realize that every restaurant, grocery store and quickie mart you’ve been visiting has been stocked full of hidden poisons.

So what do you do? Well we have given a few different suggestions, depending on where you are on your journey. 

5 FOOD Changes to make NOW

STEVIA instead of SUGAR - Stevia is not only a  zero calorie sweetener. It is 100% natural! It is a plant extract that for centuries has medicinal properties as well. 
3 HOUR RULE - Do not eat anything 3 hours before going to bed. Not only will it help stop heartburn and indigestion, it allows your body to properly rest.
ORGANIC when you can - Expensive but VERY important. Start with all meats, and soft skinned fruits/vegatables (blueberries, tomatoes, etc) 
ROTTING IS GOOD - Any food you have in your house should “rot” (not when you eat it!). If anything you have doesn’t go bad, then it probably is filled with preservatives, additives and non-food material.
WATER BEFORE MEAL NOT DURING - Drinking liquids during a meal can cause gas and bloating. The best scenario is to drink water a half hour before eating solids
Most people think the worst part of sugar is the calories. But the other things it does to your body are far worse. You should read THIS . I sure hope you know by now the dangers of artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and Saccharin. But the worst of your sugars should be Raw sugar and that’s it. It’s VERY hard. I struggle with my fancy Lattes but I try to use Truvia or Stevia (made from a plant and super sweet). But you will be very disappointed in the products that they load with sugar: beans, ketchup, crackers, bread, etc. Here are a few suggestions:
Pick fruit to satisfy your sugar cravings
Stevia - the amazing sweet plant with zero calories
Agave - although not the most natural process, still an alternative
Raw Honey - our favorite because of its rich probiotics
Raw sugar


Keesha and I have seen him in person and he is very passionate about teaching people about health. We HIGHLY recommend you checking our everything he does.

Here are some of his different books/methods


From the original 40 day experience (Maker’s Diet), to the Weight loss (Perfect Weight) to the latest Live Beyond Organic, these books are uplifting and filled with research, scripture and practical solutions to inspire you to amazing health. 

This book:
“Body Ecology Diet” by Donna Gates gives an excellent way to find balance in your body. By avoiding the combination of certain foods, you can make your body more “alkaline” and functioning smoothly

You can visit our DETOX page to see specific cleanses. But regardless of how healthy your food intake is, you still need to make sure you detox out the toxins and waste that can stay in your body. Some are gentle, others go deeper but you have to do something regularly.
Colon Hydrotherapy
Liver Flush

It is becoming more popular to talk about Probiotics. Even popular Yogurt brands are bragging about the amount of bacteria. You may have heard of Acidophilus, one of the most common strains. But the reasons to fill your foods with them is more important thatn ever. In your gut, there are good and bad bacteria. But now that we pasteurize and sterilize everything, we kill all the beneficial bacteria and don’t have enough left to fight the bad when we need. After all, our gut is our Second BRAIN. (It’s true, read HERE ) So load up on more probiotics to help them fight the battle in your gut.
Primal Defense by Garden of Life
Cultured vegetables (such as saurkraut and kim chi)
Raw honey, particularly Manuka 16+

Must See! It shows us how the farms of old are now being run by huge companies who treat our food as anything but good. They find ways to save money at the cost of our health.
“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit” - 3 John 1:2 NLT
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Jordan Rubin, author of “The Maker’s Diet: The 40-Day Health Experience That Will Change Your Life Forever” and founder of Garden of Life natural health supplements, understands that good health comes from a good foundation. He believes that when we understand God’s plan for health, we can unlock the door to success. 
After a health crisis left him near death at the age of 19, Rubin turned to the Bible for help and inspiration. What he also found was a remedy for health. In his readings, he uncovered an interesting fact: In many ways, and despite a lack of modern science and medicine, the people who lived thousands of years ago, during Biblical times, were healthier than many of us are today. To be sure, they suffered from unspeakable diseases that we have since found cures for, but the way they consumed food was the way God prepared it. Thousands of years ago, there was no food processing or refrigeration; water was not chlorinated. There was no ozone depletion or poor air quality. And there were certainly no late nights watching Leno. Food was fresh and nutritious.
The Maker’s Diet is grounded in living a “Biblically-correct lifestyle,” recommending the consumption of organically grown foods and frequently referring to the Bible on matters ranging from personal hygiene to getting tattoos. The book provides sample menus, recipes and a wealth of information for helping people everywhere attain and then maintain a healthier lifestyle. It’s a 40-day plan that celebrates your health potential.
As Rubin explains when he speaks to people interested in taking part in this 40-day experience: “If our health potential was in a room and we didn’t have a key, we couldn’t get through the door,” says Rubin. “No matter how many times we banged, kicked, or tried to pry it open, without a key, the door would remain locked.”
Key #1: Eat a Healthy Diet“ - One of the things I always ask myself,” explains Rubin, “is did God create it for food?” An average American gets 55 percent of their diet and calories from non-food chemicals. The simple fact is we don’t always eat food in the form that’s healthiest for the body. We strip nutrients out of food when we process it. We grow phenomenal produce only to find a way to get it to sit on a shelf for three to six months. In order to truly eat a healthy diet, we have to know how our food was grown or raised, how it was processed and preserved, and how it will be prepared.
Rubin believes that one of the worst inventions for overall health was the refrigerator because it stores food well beyond its shelf life and actually prevents us from eating fresh food. “Eat what will spoil before it does and you’ll be healthier,” says Rubin. “In The Maker’s Diet I recommend foods from all groups including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, beverages, sweeteners and even deserts but always following this foundational principle: Eat food in the healthy form as it was created by God and you’ll also discover a balance.”
Key #2: Supplement Your Diet with Whole Food Nutrients and Supplemental Foods - Health is a complex equation. The simple fact is, no matter how well you eat, there will be certain essential elements that are missing. Rubin recommends a whole food vitamin and mineral supplement, like those found at Garden of Life.
Cod liver oil is another important supplement, used for 154 years and counting. Many generations that came before us have used it for its health benefits. Today, fish oil is becoming more and more recognized for its omega-3 essential fatty acids. Cod liver oil contains DHA, which is important for brain development, for the development of eyes, overall children’s health, and even for improved concentration. It also contains EPA, another omega-3 fatty acid essential for heart health, and improved skin tone. Cod liver oil is also rich in vitamins A and D. “Most people don’t realize that 90 percent of our nation is deficient in vitamin D,” explains Rubin. “Vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis and some autoimmune diseases. The richest source of vitamin D found in nature is cod liver oil.”
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